Advanced course in pessaries and pelvic organ prolapse

01/10/2021 tot 02/10/2021
Radisson Blu Hotel, Bruges
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PQK 24 NE goedgekeurd

Max. 25 deelnemers - inschrijven en tickets online kopen via link onderaan.

This evidence based course is for medical professionals treating women’s health.
This course complies with the new POGP and NICE guidelines.
This course  will also give the opportunity of 'hands-on' fitting of pessaries for the therapists who wish to practice this.
Lectures will be given by Morgan Gaynor in English.


  • The object of this course is for you to understand the theoretical aspect of each pessary including the theory of fitting and removal, allowing you to advise the best pessary option as a conservative management in treating prolapse and incontinence to patients.
  • This course is aimed as the first stage of competency in the theoretical understanding of pessaries before practical pessary fitting training begins.
    Different protocols are set in different countries. You will be provided the United Kingdom protocol handout provided by POGP in line with NICE guidelines.
    This course will not qualify you to practically fit pessaries, you must be signed off by a competency under your country guidelines.

The sequence of this course may change according to the availability of the consultant.

Bicap heeft het recht om de activiteit de annuleren bij minder dan 10 deelnemers.


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