Webinar ism. PelviFly

ONLINE WEBINAR: 20:00-22:00
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In aanloop naar het internationaal congres, willen wij onze sponsor PELVIFLY de kans geven om een voorstelling te geven van één van hun producten.

Dit webinar is momenteel alleen voor BICAP-leden 2020 en is volledig gratis.
De avond zelf kunnen 100 personen live volgen.
Is de webinar-room volzet en je was toch ingeschreven... of kan je de avond zelf niet aanwezig zijn... geen paniek...
na afloop ontvangt iedereen die ingeschreven is, de link om te kunnen herbekijken en dit gedurende enkele weken.
Er is geen pqk-accreditatie aangevraagd en dit webinar is ook niet geldig om volgend jaar op de online verwijslijst te kunnen staan.


"PelviFly – telerehabilitation system for pelvic floor muscle"

Dr Urszula Herman
Founder of PelviFly. Expert in telecare, researcher, pioneer in implementing innovative tele solutions in prevention and treating pelvic floor dysfunction. While cooperating with the engineers and designers from Silicon Valley in the USA she created a unique algorithm of exercises which were tested in her scientific research. She has received many awards. According to her published medical research the time between first symptoms and the start of therapy is on average 7 years. This shows a lack of knowledge and preventive care.

Dominika Michalik, MSc
Physiotherapist, received her master’s degree in physiotherapy from the Jagiellonian University Medical College in, PelviFly international sales specialist. Engaged in scientific research in women’s health physiotherapy.

PelviFly brings together a group of specialists whose priority is to help women with pelvic floor exercises. They combine work in medical centres with remote guidance and the supervision and training of their patients.

During this webinar you'll learn about:

  • The supporting role of telerehabilitation in pelvic floor muscles training
  • How to implement the remote patient engagement tool - use case studies and inspiration
  • The unique features of telecare system allowing you to manage patients remotely


  • PelviFly is a holistic solution that enables pelvic floor muscle training in a safe, intimate and effective way. Exercises are supported by advanced algorithms increasing the effectiveness of training paths.
  • PelviFly system consists of a team of medical professionals, telecare portal, a mobile application and a device, created in cooperation with Silicon Valley engineers.
  • The device, applied intra-vaginally, monitor the work of pelvic floor muscles during training and provides important parameters that allow assessing pelvic floor muscles according to the scale used in the practice (Oxford and Perfect Scale). The PelviFly training application encourages you to exercise thanks to tasks which are performed in the form of motivating games. Telecare portal enables specialists to design trainings tailored to patients’ needs and monitor their progress.

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